What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO increases website traffic by making your site more attractive to the search engines. SEO typically refers to optimizing traffic through the organic (free) listings, whereas Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to paid advertising.

SEO is not . . .

. . . a guarantee your website will be listed on Page 1 on Google. Many things affect search engine ranking, and some of them are simply beyond anyone’s control. Professional SEO work will most likely improve your ranking but there are no 100% guarantees—and anyone who promises you “Page 1 on the free listings” may be employing “black hat” techniques that could get you banned from Google. (On the other hand, Google Adwords often does get you on Page 1 almost immediately.) OR they may be cleverly disguising their sales pitch for exposure that you already have.

. . . it is also NOT about submitting your site to various search engines. If you are paying a company to do this on a monthly basis, you are wasting your money.

What can you expect if you hire AMA-Lytics?

SEO is a highly misunderstood business, and many companies charge high prices for ineffective actions. Unlike many cookie-cutter type services, we tailor our services to our customers' needs. We start with a face-to-face meeting to explain web advertising and explore options: what your business goals are and if you would prefer SEO or Google Adwords. Both of them utilize the strategic use of keywords— the search terms that your potential clients will type into the search engine browser. Many business owners don't know what their most effective keywords are. We will come up with keywords that work--and we have the data to prove it.

We offer volume discounts if you want to advertise more than one product line or if you’d like both Optimization and an Adwords Campaign.

The Google Adwords Campaign comes with the option of a service contract to continually evaluate and improve the ad campaign. In addition you will receive reports on your website’s vital statistics.

Want more information? You can contact me and I can explain how the process works.

How do you know you need SEO services?

  • Your website languishes on Google page 3, 4, etc. (users typically don’t go beyond page 1 or 2) or worse, doesn’t show up at all
  • You get hits but not very many or you get the wrong kind of hits
  • Your business is new or expanding into new markets
  • Your website is brand new and you have no idea how to promote it
  • Your website is old and outdated, and you're sick of worrying about it.

How do you know you need my SEO services?

  • I understand how annoying it is when people talk “tech-ese” at you. I explain what I do and how it will help you in language you understand.
  • Typical SEO companies are enormously expensive and offer cookie-cutter service. Being local, I take the time to understand your goals and customize my services to your needs.
  • I have a reputation for being honest, responsive and courteous.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The “organic results” (non-paid listing) are the meat of the Search Engines. How Google makes its decisions on where you are in the rankings is vitally important to how people find your business. SEO is the process whereby your website is optimized to provide the best visibility possible. This is considered to be the slower and steadier method of SEO. Results may not be apparent for six months or longer but are more stable and long-lasting, unlike an Adwords Campaign where the traffic will disappear once the campaign ends. If you’re looking to the long term, if your business is brand-new or growing, it will benefit you to take a comprehensive look at how your website appears to the Search Engines, and to learn how to move up the rankings.

Where do you find Google Adwords?

Look to the right side of the page on the list of Google search results (and sometimes the three listings on top of the page)--that's the Google Adwords. Internet advertising is the most visible and highly targeted ad system available today, and Google is the best of Internet advertising.